Iaido spring seminar 8-10.5.2015

Now it’s time to register to the KKTI 2015 iaido Spring seminar



Anna Stone 6. dan iaido

Jose Martinez-Abarca 5. dan iaido

Tuula Kiviluoto 4. dan iaido



Friday: KKTI dojo

Saturday – Sunday: Malminkartanon ala-aste, Puustellintie 6



Friday 19:30 – 21:00

Saturday 9:00 registration and warm-up, practise 9:30 – 16:00

Sunday 9:00  – 15:00

Breaks and lunch according to the teachers’ schedule

The seminar will host a grading up to 1. dan.


Whole seminar 80€

Only Friday 25€

Saturday or Sunday: 50€

All payments before the seminar.

Payable to the account: FI5120631800023424, VIITE: 5021

Registration by 24.4.2015 with the attached link:


What if you learned japanese sword arts?

The kendo, iaido, jodo and naginata beginner courses are starting in mid-January, right after the start of season presentation.

You will find information on all our arts, the schedules and  registration form for the beginners courses from the links at the top of this page.

Welcome, and see you at the dojo!

Start of season presentation

Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi has it’s traditional presentation of all the arts we do on Wednesday 14.1.2015 at 18 o’clock.

The location is our dojo at the east wing of the olympic stadium.

The presentation will show all our arts, including kendo, iaido, jodo and naginata.

After the presentation you can ask questions from the practitioners.

Welcome to see our budo!

Christmas break

Hello all,

We are now on a Christmas break from all practice. Normal training starts again on 7.1.2015.

However you need not just practice your kiai at home.
Our neighboring clubs have training during the holiday season. Please see their pages for more information:



Other clubs and their pages can be found on the Finnish kendo association pages:

A Merry Christmas to all!